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NMSU Lambda Chi Alumni Directory!

This page last updated March 20, 1999! Please send us more!

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Mike Ammerman
Email at
Tony Apodaca
Email at
This address not working. Hello?
Larry C. Armendariz
Works in Public Relations for Dallas Public Schools.
Email at
Mikey Armendariz
Works as a Speech Language Pathologist in Carlsbad.
Email at
James Armijo
Works in the insurance biz and tolerates visits from the Sparks' family quite well. 3225 El Trebol Ct.
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(H)(505) 438-7168
(W)(505) 438-6711
Victor Armijo
Any leads?
Scott Bollig
Las Cruces, NM Email at
Jason Brown
Email at
Scott Delap
Email at
K. Jake Derden
Email at
Eric and Jennifer Dinkel (Anthony, 8/97)
10416 Johncock Ave SW Albuquerque, NM 87121
(505) 839-0999
Eric is a Manager at Allegiance Healthcare.
Jennifer works at Allegiance also.
Email at
Shane Drake
Email at
Andrew Eaton
Email at
Kerry and Tammy Evans (Zach, 4yr, Lindsey, 2yr)
1001 Boulder NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
(H)(505) 897-0037
Kerry is an electrical engineer at Honeywell.
Tammy is an elementary school teacher and working on her MA in Education.
Their children are energetic, bright little kiddos.
Email Kerry
Email Tammy
Chuck Farr
Email at
Dave Gallardo
Any leads?
Max and Stacy German
920 Charles Dr.
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Max is a Business banker at Nations Bank.
Stacy is a Dental Assistant.
Ralph Garcia
4201 Meadowlark Lane
Apt. #2
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124
(505) 994-0063
Ralph is the General Manager at CableOne in Rio Rancho.
Someone send me his email address, he keeps forgetting it.
Chris Harvey
Email at
Tom Hynes - ZG 732
206 Morningside Dr. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
Email at
Andrew Jaynes
7715 Primrose Dr NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120
(H) 899-8453
(W) 241-7585 at First State Bank
Fred Jonas ZGZ 794
Email at
Bobby and Amy Kellogg
2653 Dorking Place
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 682-2448
Bobby is a freelance graphic designer currently working for QAD software in Santa Barbara.
Amy is an office administrator and bookkeeper for a law firm in Santa Barbara.
They have a five-month-old Jack Russell Terrier named Indy.
Email them at
Hunter Lloyd
76 Sheridan Pl
Bozeman, Montana 59715
Hunter is a college teacher working on his PhD in Computer Science. Works as a bouncer on weekends at a local college bar. Lives the single life, backpacking, fly fishing, hunting.
Email at
Web Page at
Jeff Matthews
Email at Web Page at
Lance Maurer
Lance works at BFGoodrich Aerospace Data Systems in Albuquerque, NM.
Email at
Barry McCabe
Email at
Brett Metz
Email at
Matt Miles

Email at
Greg Miller - ZG 738
206 Morningside Dr. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
Email at
Web Page at
John Newman
Currently working at Motorola Ceramic Products in Albuquerque, soon to become CTS Wireless Components Group, as a System Administrator/Application Developer.
My address is 5800 Eubank NE #3522, Alb. NM 87111.
Work number is (505) 346-3329 ext. 505
Email at (home)
Email at
John Oestreicher
Email at
Josh Payne
Email at
Ronen Polsky
Email at
Troy and Sheila Pomroy (and baby girl born 2-17-98)
Washington, DC.
Builds networks on the East coast.
Email at
Marc Reid (graduated from NMSU in May, 1996)
1906 Guamis Road
Las Cruces, NM 88012
Email at
Tito and Amy Rico
Live in Phoenix.
Email at
Geordie Robinson
Email at Geordie.F.Robinson@TGPL.TWC.COM
Ray and Nancy Salazar (Nicolas)
7012 Alpine Ln.
Amarillo, TX 79109
Sean Salazar
Belen, NM
Cameron Sandoval
Email at
Paul Self
Dallas, Texas
Email at
Randy and Brenda Sparks - ZG 632
6305 Zimmerman Ave NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
(505) 268-2141
Randy is an Electrical Engineer with BFGoodrich.
Brenda is a stay-at-home mom who writes humor articles for Enchanted Families a free Albuquerque Newsletter for families, works on her web pages, sells Discovery Toys, and avoids housework when at all possible.
Email Randy at work
Email Brenda at
Web Page at
Ken Stevens
Email at
Mark Stueven
Portland, Oregon
Engineer at Intel.
Email at
Scott and Christy Takacs (Addison, 1 yr)
1104 S. 16th
Artesia, NM 88210
Scott is a salesman for Toolpusher's Supply.
Christy is a fifth grade teacher.
Email them at
Garratus and Mitchell Taylor
6902 4th St. Apt A
Albuquerque, NM 87107
(H)(505) 343-1877
Gary's in school for his M.Ed. degree.
Mitchell is a CPA with Horizon Healthcare.
Email Gary
Email Mitchell
This address not working.
Blake Theis
Eric Toledo
Email at
Sean Torres
Email at
Mark and Paula Trimmer (Nicholas, '97, another on the way!)
96 Paako Drive
Sandia Park, NM 87047
Joint Owners of Applied Assets, Financial Planners
Email at
Keith Watson
PO Box 16214
Santa Fe, NM 87506-6214
Owner, Rio Grande Grounds Management
Landscape Maintenance and Landscaping
Rich Vanderkooy
Email at
Hank and Margaret Vigil (Derek, 1994, another on the way!)
4209 Spanish Broom NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120
(H)(505) 792-2582
Hank is a job developer at CAEL and Margaret is a Probation Officer.
Email Hank at work at hank
Email them at home at
Robert Watson
1452 Avenida de Las Americas
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(H)(505) 474-6843
(W)(505) 988-2894
General Contractor in Northern NM
Harold Weinstein
1001 Central Ave
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(H)(505) 866-5238
(W)(505) 864-4472
Network Marketing.
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Other People We Know - Crescents, Friends!

Andrea Hawkins Schoellkopf
Emelda 'Ponykeg' Ortiz
Brenda Johnson Sparks

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