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What's   Up   With   Lambda   Chi   Alumni...

Hey, send me news! Don't forget to use the Forum on Delphi! It's at I try to update this as often as I can, but the kids are not sympathetic! Thanks to everyone for making this fun!


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star Announcements!! star

Lance Maurer is making an independent film and has a site he'd like us to visit.

This is his life's dream (ambitious, ain't he?), so let's be supportive and check it out!

From: Larry C. Armendariz
Larry C. Armendariz
Date: Fri Jul 24 16:27:07 1998
An old Lambda Chi sends his greetings
My Brothers
You may or may not remember me. I was known as Haji, and at one time I was the only member to go from associate to alumni in one semester (Fall of '86. I am now working for Dallas Public Schools in their Public Relations Department. I was a reporter for six years, with assignments in New Mexico, Texas and Missouri for Scripps-Howard and Gannett News Service. Still single (although I came close to getting hitched in 1996) and now competing heavily in triathlons (after 15 years of competative running, I needed a change!) and enjoying it!

I'm also starting graduate school in the Fall of '98 at Southern Methodist University (insane, isn't it?). I recently competed in the Burnlake Triathlon, and afterwards I drove around 'Cruces, rediscovering some old haunts. I passed by the old house on Paseo Drive and University Ave. Looks nice! I then passed by the new house on University Drive. Needs work! No one was home, so I didn't stay.

From: Mikey Armendariz
Mikey Armendariz
Date: Tue Aug 4 15:53:01 1998
Thanks for finding Ronen.
Hi. Thanks for this site. I've seen some names I haven't thought of in some time. I'm living in Carlsbad N.M. I am a speech and language therapist for the public school system in Carlsbad. I've also been married for 3 years in Dec. Please put me on your list of alumni.
From: Tito Rico
Tito Rico
Date: Fri Aug 7 00:35:20 1998
Too cool, Brenda....
Thank goodness for technology. What would brothers do without wives? Kudos, Brenda.
ZG754--I guess I'm new old house, as I'm sure there's a young crop of chops right now. I am now living in Tucson after 4 years of ABQ. Very glad to find so many bros in PHX/TUC area. This will definitely be another way to keep in touch. Thanks Brenda.
From: Ralph (AKA Ralllph)
Date: Wed Aug 12 20:55:37 1998
Finally on the Net
Hi Guys, I finally found your home page, Brenda have done a great job! Good to read all the messages from everyone.
Hey Geordie leave your #, I understand your in SLC now? Does anyone know how to get a hold of Dave Gallardo?

Happy Birthday to all the Leos out the Scot, Eric, Randy,Me, and all the kids having their first birthday this month - Anthony, Joshua, Wridgely, Tyler, and lil Sparks.
P.S. I need Chacks # in Santa Fe.
Brenda- Do I have some pix for you and some Glady's news CALL ME!

This is the link to Lance's Official Web Page for the Mardi Gras Party on July 18 that he's holding this summer. Warning -- when I tried to visit the site, I got kicked off the net into DOS. Our computer is possessed, but I'd like to know if anyone else had trouble.
Fellow Monkies, Greetings! Wanted to let you all know I will be IN ALBUQUERQUE beginning next Tuesday (3/24). I have a meeting w/ Dan Rowe and other alumni interested in assisting UNM chapter on WED, 3/25 in the evening. Dan is working out details. I am also VERY INTERESTED in meeting w/ Zeta-Gamma alumni (particularly those who are on/wish to help w/ House Corp., and advising the chapter, which you can do from Abq.). THUR, 3/26 may work well if we can coordinate something. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP. Thanks guys. ZAX. Torres 317.872.8000, ext. 28 (this week)
Ahem. Attention everyone, my hubby wishes to post that the official score for the Old House versus the New House softball game was 31-30 - The Old House winning but allowing the New House to retain their pride, don't ya know. The Old House, came, saw and conquered and the New House wants a rematch. The Old House says 'sure - you buy the beer, we'll play ball!'
The Final this year is at the Inn at the Butte at Elephant Butte on May 1st at 7:30pm. Contact Lance Maurer for more information.
OK, here it is! Ralph sez the softball game & potluck BBQ will be at the West Mesa Park from 2 - 5 pm, W. of West Mesa High School. Go on Coors south of I-40 and right on Fontana. He's going to try and talk the Dinkels into having the BBQ (potluck, remember) at their place, good luck! Contact Ralph for more info. at (505) 994-0063 (Rio Rancho). It'll be a great time!
Shane Drake sent an email lamenting the sad state of the curtains at the house, does anyone have any printable ideas? Here is an excerpt from his note:
'Anyway, I just returned from a fun-filled weekend back in New Mexico, spent a day in Las Cruces, and drove by the new chapter house. I have to say I was somewhat saddened by the look of our letters hanging sideways on the front wall, next to a large window draped in old, stainy sheets. I bet over a thousand people a day drive by our house and see that.'
Any ideas, folks? Email Shane with suggestions.
Ralph Garcia would like to organize a softball game between the 'old guys' and the 'new' guys around the end of March, beginning of April - who is interested? Please contact Ralph at (505) 994-0063 (Rio Rancho).
Scott Bollig is going to Ireland in a couple weeks. Hm. Is anyone else except me jealous?? Darn it, I wish I could go somewhere besides the grocery store! Ah, well. Maybe if I recycle enough cans, Randy and I could take a vacation in the year 2030. Sigh.

Emails I've Received...

From: Geordie Geordie.F.Robinson@TGPL.TWC.COM Host/Computer: Date: Tue Feb 10 12:34:15 1998 Great Stuff Had dinner with Mark in Atlanta on his way to Ireland and he left me an E-Mail about your page and the pictures. Super! It was great to see those old pictures. Great Idea. Dad said you and Randy visited his raspberry stand at the Growers Market a couple of times last year. Said you had some really cute kids. I'm sure they got that from you and not Randy... Again, Thanks! Geordie
From: Conan Becknell Host/Computer: Date: Tue Feb 10 15:43:20 1998 Nice Job!!! Just wanted to say nice job on the web page. The Chops are moving up in the world. Please include my email on the list of Alumni. I will try to get the addresses of other lost alumnus.
From: Robert Broome Host/Computer: Date: Wed Mar 11 03:54:01 1998 Greetings Hello from Birmingham,AL. It is nice to see some lamb chops on the net! Keep up the good work! Robert (Sigma Chi 121)
From: K. Jake Derden Host/Computer: Date: Fri Apr 3 23:34:18 1998 Hello Brenda I'm very excited to have come across this sight. I'm a NMSU 1995 graduate and ZG786. Please add my address to the list. My address is: 23834 N 35th Dr Glendale, AZ 85310 Home phone: 602-587-0763 Work phone: 602-375-6263
From: Emelda Ortiz Host/Computer: Date: Mon Apr 6 17:11:48 1998 Hello!!! Hi everyone! I thought you might need to hear from a long lost Crescent who still remembers the entire Lambda Chi Creed by heart! Seattle is treating me well! I hope everyone is doing well, and I'd love to hear from you! Take care! Emelda "Pony Keg" Ortiz

Thanks for the info update! The links are now in place. I believe you have the only chapter alum page of any of our chapters!

David Hotz
Coordinator for Greek Affairs

Conan Becknell:

Hello from Las Cruces,

Glad to hear someone is actually doing something with the homepage. I gladly give you permission to put my e-mail on the homepage. It will be nice to read old stories and talk to old friends. Thanks for keeping us together.

Conan Becknell
Zeta Gamma 795 Alumni

Scott Bollig:

Randy Randy Randy,

You crazy kid. Your wife makes a great little sister. She has more LXA pride than you or me.

I will write you all sooner and let you know the haps. Todd is working in ABQ now but still has his house in Roswell. He is not sure where he is going to live.

Gotta Go,


Tommy Hynes:

Hello, this is Tommy Hynes and proud to be Randy's Century brother. (Just wanted to thank you again for the beer you bought me in I think 1992!). That is awesome that you are putting together an e-mail directory page for the chapter. You have my full permission to put whatever you want about me in the web page.



I will try to get some stories and pictures as soon as possible (my roomate has a scanner).


Bobby Kellogg:

Hi Brenda,

My name is Bobby Kellogg ZG750. I think it's great that you are putting together a site. I am currently working as a web designer and am more than willing to lend a hand. I'm pretty busy with my current projects right now, but can always answer any questions via e-mail or even do some work when I get a chance.

Let me know if I can help in any way!

Bobby Kellogg
2653 Dorking Place
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Jeff Matthews:

Hi Randy and Brenda

I was messing around on the www, and came across the Lambda Chi page, hit the link and now have a headache (unrelated I think to seeing pictures of all of you guys in college).

So how's everything? I thought I'd drop you a quick note since I'm computer literate, have e-mail and all that jazz. I'm glad to see you all still stay in touch and with Ralph now living in the Albuquerque area along with Todd Bollig, it'll soon be like having activity directors around I'm sure. However, I've noticed how everyone, including Todd, has mellowed.

Anyway, this is my e-mail address for now. Feel free to splash it on here, I think this is a good idea. If I had some pictures scanned, I think I have like seven pictures of my whole college career and Lambda Chi days, I'd send them along. Maybe that can be a project now.

Anyway, hope all is well.

Jeff Matthews

Hi Brenda my name is Brett Metz a Lambda Chi from the same era as Lance. I graduated from NMSU in 95. While at state I was historian and collected a large number of photos and took alot of my own. I have a cd with 211 LXA photos from our era that I have scanned in and would like to send you a few. Please include my E mail address on the the page

Brett Metz

I also compiled a list of addresses for alot of the guys who were lambdas with me for my wedding a few years back and still have those addresses. I may send these guys all an e mail and ask if its ok to post the addresses on your page!

Please answer if you are interested in some of my collection of photos and lambda info!

ZGZ 762

Greg Miller:

Sounds great, seems like Lambda's are always roping their girlfriends (wives now) into doing stuff for them.

Please list my email addresses : or Also, please include my URL at

For my snail mail please indicate it as:

Greg "Grossi" Miller
206 Morningside Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108



Greg Miller 738

Geordie Robinson

Thanks for including me on the list.

Still work for Transco in Atlanta. Bought and remodelled a little house in Decatur (suburb to the east) last year. Ready to sell it before the trees in the backyard fall on it (and squash it) during the next big hurricane. Mountain Bike a lot and am trying to study for the Principles & Practice Exam, taking a class at Georgia Tech, fixing to either go work on a big construction project (build a compressor station from the ground up) in Alabama or get transferred to Salt Lake City. Its fun not to know whats up next..... at least for now. Went skiing in Utah and Colorado two weeks ago -- had way too much fun -- so you can imagine which place I'd rather be...

I'm glad there are folks inordinately proud of Mom & Dad's jam. I'll need customers like you all when I get downsized and go to work for Dad.

Again, I really enjoyed your web page. It is very well done. You should consider setting those things up for fun AND profit.


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