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About   This   Page

Some background...

Every few months or so, a group of Lambda Chi Alumni get together in Albuquerque. These guys have been friends for 10 years and more, sharing a bond of brotherhood that far surpasses most I've seen. Ralph Garcia, a.k.a. 'Gladys' is usually responsible for these gatherings. Sometimes they meet at Sadie's, sometimes at Billy's Long Bar, sometimes at Garduno's.

In 1997 someone mentioned that it would be a great idea to use the Internet to keep in touch - we all exchange email addresses and such, but wouldn't a homepage be great? So I decided to go with the idea.

The purpose of this page is to provide NMSU Lambda Chi Alumni with a way to get in touch with each other, keep up on what everyone else is doing, and to just plain have fun. We've connected people all over the country to each other, and even located a few alumni overseas!

We need addresses for our Mail Directory, photos, news and old stories (and whatever else you can think of). Please send suggestions to us. It may take me a while, but I will get to it!!

I hope you enjoy this page!.


What's Up?

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What's Up With Lambda Chi Alumni
This is where I post news, copy emails I receive, whatever. You can also sign in the Guestbook if you want, or visit the ZGZ LXA Forum to post and read comments and news. I want to make it convenient and easy for everyone to keep in touch and informed.
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The Old Guys..
The New Guys..
Visit The Adventures of
Mark Stueven in
The Land Of Guinness!

Visit Brother Lance Maurer's
Independent Film Page
Check it out!


Places to Go...

The National Lambda Chi Home Page
This site is great, with a tour of National Headquarters and nice photos. It is still under construction, but a must-see site!
Here you are, a compilation of Things Greek On The Net. Have fun.
The New Mexico State University Home Page
For those of you who have to tour the campus every darn time you're in Las Cruces... Yes, we know there's a new coke machine etc. etc...
The NMSU Chapter Lambda Chi Home Page
Well, the chapter's closed now, but their page is still up.
The NMSU Alumni Page
Just in case the NMSU page wasn't enough for that memory lane experience..
A Greek discussion board - they could probably use some input from sober minds (well, somebody's gotta be sober by now, I mean, we're having kids, right? We can't afford all that beer anymore!
Our ZGZ LXA Forum on Delphi.
Read and post news and comments here. Brenda is the moderator, so direct any questions or comments to her.

People to See...

Greg Miller's Home Page
Greg Miller's homepage - I really like the graphics...
Jeff Matthews' Home Page
This is Jeff Matthew's page. Check out his virtual digs...
Hunter Lloyd's Home Page
This is Hunter's homepage. He has nifty animated graphics and java games. Haven't tried the Ramen recipe... Please visit him!

Reach Out and .... Mail Someone!

NMSU Lambda Chi Alumni Email Directory
We still need more email and snail mail addresses! Thanks to everyone for their help!

The Lambda Chi Alpha Ring is owned and operorated by
Bryan Hermann.

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